Ziv Neeman

Jun 2003

Personally I thought Ziv was an extremely educated, open minded, tolerant & diplomatic professor. He took a fresh approach to dry material. His use of visual aids & interesting examples & quotes drew the class to stimulating discussions. This review, coming from 2 students of the spring semester 2003, points out that our class was a mix of intellect, wit and camaraderie. This exchange flowed between the students AND the professor. We think the onus of making a course interesting does not lie entirely on the professor but on the student as well. This writing course was an excellent experience, heightened by Ziv's approach. This course taught self-knowledge & improved our writing tremendously.

Feb 2003

An Israeli with a thick accent, Ziv Neeman is the composition office's answer to a shortage of L&R teachers. The only grad student I've ever encountered who refuses to let you call him by his first name, he's magically condescending and boring at the same time. Maybe I just took issue with the fact that a non-native speaker was being placed in front of me and teaching me how to write my own language. God knows he can't speak it. Someone ought to tell him that ",' is a comma, not a coma. The coma is what he induces by lecturing.

Feb 2003

First of all, I don' t understand why the GS program even forces us to take such a ridiculous class. It should be an optional class that is highly recommended (which I don't anyways) but certainly not a requirement. Second, it's hard to figure out what the grading standard is with this instructor. This is one of those classes where you have to write the way the instructor wants you to write to get a half way decent grade. This class teaches you absolutely NOTHING about writing so to all incoming GS students...grit your teeth, suck it up, and try to ignore everything the lousy instructors try to brainwash you with. You're gonna write flowery little exercises that are pointless and will be graded strictly on how much butt you can kiss in class. This class (at least with this instructor) allows absolutely NO creative freedom and this instructor seems to think that expository writing can only be dry, boring, and witless. Of course, this instructor lacks any sense of humor so that makes it even worse! You think i'm just some singled out rebel? HA! I've talked to a few students in my class who would more than agree but we all play his game for the grade. TO ALL INCOMING GS STUDENTS : I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I KNOW THIS CLASS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. WHEN YOU SEE THIS GUY'S NAME ON YOUR SCHEDULE...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.