Ally Miller

Feb 2003

Discussions are left up to you, so it's in your hands to make it lively... Grading seemed really harsh and arbitrary for some and great for others, but it was always hard to understand what she wanted.... SO GO IN AND TALK TO HER. She's very serious in her critiques, and she's willing to put in a lot of extra time. Take advantage of it! Don't just sit baffled.... Doing well on your 1st paper doesn't guarantee she'll like the 2nd (or visa versa) so keep talking with her no matter what.... Like any class, when you take poor grades personally you start to dwell on what you don't like about the class; and it's hard to write a 10 pg paper for a class you hate.... *Find something you love about the literature (even it's as silly as the way Greek gods get drunk) *Keep talking to the professor (esp. this one!)