Madeline Schwartzman

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2018

Oh boy was Madeline the worst professor I had in my two years of school. She picks favorites, and her biases seep through everything she says. During reviews with guest critics (critiques) she will defend students she likes and discuss their projects while simply glossing over others. She will take into consideration everything you do and not just your final project, meaning that if you had any mental block with your creative process throughout weeks of work, she will hold it against you. She's also very wishy washy and can change requirements last minute. People who like Madeline's class do so because it's very creative, but that doesn't necessitate her being a good professor.

Apr 2014

If you can avoid having her as a teacher I would highly suggest that move! She is erratic and wacky. Some days she can be helpful in helping you produce a product or model and other days she changes her directions completely making you start your project all over. She can be very rude and blunt in ways that are not productive to your learning. I truly believe she grades based on who she likes and who she doesn't. Her projects do not make you want to pursue architecture any further. However, if you do things inspired by the human body she will love it. Everything is architectonic if it doesn't make sense, but if you think something through and explain it she will not like it. I found this class very hard to enjoy. I started every day with a headache when I had her. I look forward to other architecture professors and not having her again. The class was a waste of time. She can be nice if she wants to be, but mostly it's her complaining about her multiple sicknesses .

Sep 2011

I am not sure why the reviews below are quite so positive. Yes, I agree that Madeline is a nice person, but she is a terrible teacher! She changes her mind constantly, which is very inconvenient when you've spent time (and usually money) changing something to make it the way she wants, only to have her tell you that you shouldn't have changed it the very next class. I spent most of my time in the class being confused on the content and point of the assignments, as she rarely took the time to fully explain these things. The one good thing I have to say is she does reward effort...if you put in way more effort than should be required in an intro level class intended for non-majors.

May 2011

Madeleine is a gem at this university. A gift to this world. I have never encountered a creative genius who is so motivating and demanding and inspiring all at the same time. She is overflowing with ideas, and sometimes she spits them out so fast, you can't figure out how she jumped from one to the other. She is kind and encouraging, and demands continuous reevaluation. The course demanded time and thought, but that is exactly what is necessary in the field. I am now pursuing architecture because of this woman, though I don't think I will ever encounter someone like her again.

Nov 2009

She seems uncertain about her comments which leads to a huge communication gap with the students. Sometimes she makes rude comments, whether or not she realises it. Her projects are interesting but she tends to impose her views on students.

Sep 2009

Madeline is great! Her class can be frustrating, but it is worth it. She is a teacher, a friend, and a muse.

Aug 2009

Madeline is one of a kind. She is extremely intimidating at first and you will never really know what she is asking you to do, but at the end you finally realize how much you have grown as a designer in her class. If you aren't willing for late nights and frustrating classes don't take her, but if you are willing to put in the time, so is she, and you will take a lot away from it! Plus there is usually snack time, and sometimes she brings in her cute twin girls!

Jul 2005

Best, craziest woman ever. Enough said.

Dec 2004

Madeline is definitely a character but she does know what she's talking about though sometimes there's a bit of a communication gap between her trying to convey what she wants to see and what we think she wants. The bottom the work no matter how bad (or how good) you think you are. If you do the work, you'll do fine in the class. Don't take Madeline too seriously either. She's not malicious and though sometimes she may seem abrupt, she really is just trying to get students to get over themselves and what limitations they think they have. She's supportive and helpful in critiques if you can manage to put forth the effort. There is an insane amount of work for this class but it's only as crazy as you let it get. Keep up on the work and complete what you can. Madeline is very accommodating if you just communicate with her.

Nov 2003

Madeline is awesome. Her critiques are helpful, if a bit difficult to process. You may not do as many projects--she only does 2--as you do in other studios but there's a lot of work for those two projects. Where you might do a single drawing and model in one studio for each project, Madeline will take you through several sets of drawings and one or two models for each project. She expects a lot of non-final work leading up to each final product. You will work a lot, but at the end of the term students in the less demandings studios will be jealous of your work and your experience.

Mar 2003

Madeline is great. She pushes students to think differently than they have ever thought. However, she expects a LOT from you. She is really nice if everyone has done their work. If she says to get something done for the next calss, you better have it done or she will not be happy. (Avoid making her unhappy at all costs.) If you do your work and put in the effort the calss will be great. If you want to be challanged, Madeline is the teacher for you. If you dont want to work, get out of the class.