Brinton Tench Coxe

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jun 2009

Tench is a rare & delightful man who genuinely cares about his students. He is absolutely hilarious &, despite the amount of hours you spend in class, the time will fly by. Like the best language teachers, he is a touch eccentric & really commits himself to being out there, grabbing your attention & engaging the class. He is particularly strong in preparing students for oral discussion, and by the end of the semester I felt so much more comfortable speaking Russian. He's an interesting guy with great stories that he is more than willing to share. I really can't speak highly enough of this man, if you have a chance, TAKE HIS CLASSES (whether film or Russian!)

Dec 2008

Tench is an excellent professor. He makes the class lively and really wants his students to do well. He explains the material in the textbook in a more interesting way and has the right balance of exercises about grammar and vocabulary, dialogues between students and other kinds of activities. You will learn a lot from him! Honestly he is a nice man who knows how to teach and you can tell prepares for each class. As to the class itself, all the different Russian I sections have appointed test dates and at times they come in clumps with only a week between them. That makes for an intense class, and you have to do your homework, and there is homework for everyday. But, the good news about having tests regularly is that it makes it difficult to fall behind. You have to keep up, which also means less stress for the final. Take this class! You will learn a lot!

Jan 2004

Tench is a good guy, a fair grader, and an average teacher. Don't be fooled by his black shirt, black jacket, black pants get up; he's not French, not gay, and not an existentialist chain smoker. If you're an okay writer, meaning you have good grammar, okay composition, good flow, then you won't learn much, if anything, from this course. Partially that's because the U.W. ciriculum/concept sucks a fat one. Bottom line: the course sucks, but you have to take it, and Tench has no real mean side, and I dont think he gives less than a B- for grades, so go ahead and take his section.

Apr 2003

Tench ROCKS! All the Russian grad students great (I've had four of them as instructors), but I thought Tench was the best one of all. Really funny. Gets the material into your head. Not overly demanding (usually accepts late homework). Laid back. Not a know-it-all. Truly in it to help YOU, not to look smart. Well prepared (lots of pencil notes in his book - means he pre-read the chapters carefully. Not true of all the grad students). I find all languages boring, and taking Russian at Columbia is especialy demanding. Tench makes it all better. Oh, he's in a rock band. I think he plays bass guitar. I'm a Tench fan. Second "Oh", he plays cheezy Russian rock music in class for no real reason. Fun guy to take a class with, AND everyone learned a heck of a lot. No trade off between fun and learning. Tench ROCKS!