Nadine Kavanaugh

Aug 2003

she is awesome. she inspired me to go on and enter the undergraduate writers' program after l and r, which is usually a most dreaded portion of the core. i found l and r with her truly delightful - she did give long assignments, and i didn't always read all of them, but her practice of making notes on drafts and then grading final papers really made me a believer in the drafting process. she neatened up my writing a lot, plus, since she's in the fiction writers' program, you get the option of writing a fictional story once, which is awesome. we all have to suffer through l and r, so you might as well try to get nadine to make it better.

Apr 2003

Nadine Kavanaugh is a lovely, intelligent and caring instructor, whose down to earth style makes her approachable. She often permits the class to lead in discussion, which sometimes results in a lack of control. Her pick of readings were interesting, but not as varied as they could have been. As a result, the class read and wrote a great deal about feminism and female oppression, even though there are many other oppressed groups out there. Nadine made the class write drafts of their papers first, then re-write the draft into final papers which she graded. Her comments on the drafts were insightful and helpful, but they often did not translate into better grades on the re-writes, no matter how much effort was demonstrated. The final project, of which the class picked the topic, was difficult and lengthly. The required use of courseworks also proved to be frustrating, though she was understanding when the work for the course did not work on courseworks. Overall, a fine teacher who really cares about literature, writing and helping students improve their skills. She is particularly good to deal with during office hours, and makes every effort to be available for them. She is also reliable with email, even at late hourse, and turns papers back in a timely fashion. A difficult grader, don't expect an A.