Martin Meisel

Apr 2003

Wow.. i really liked this guy. Class was small, ran like 3/4 lecture, 1/4 seminar. but that was fine, b/c this guy obviously knows his stuff and gives good, but dry lectures. wish they had been more theoretical or linked to dramaturgy, but still interesting. he really treats the class like a college course (5 2 page papers on whatever you want to talk about or a reading log instead) and neither babies you nor takes you very seriously. he's just kind of chill, and, being wise, he has a right to be. for some reason, class is a magnet for old people and some grad students. he was totally respectful and nice to me as a freshman, very personable after class, and i loved that he openly contradicted ass-kissing and pompous grad students. he's fair dammit.