Stephan Sastrawidjaja

Nov 2003

While I can't say it was AS bad as the other review for him, I will agree that Mr. S is not a good teacher. For someone teaching L&R, he had a horrible sense of both grammar and logic. One example: He told us syllogisms were bad to use. Be that as it may, he claimed that they were false. He gave the example that if we assume that all men are mortal, and that socrates is a man, then it follows that socrates is mortal. He "disproved" this one because he has a cat named socrates who isn't a man . . . He did regular grammar exercises, taking sentences from our papers and asking us to find what's wrong with them. About a quarter of the time, the sentence was fine and his proposed solution was wrong. On occasion it took half the class trying to explain it to him to get him to understand and agree. All in all, I more or less enjoyed the class. I wrote my essays in the hour or so before class, got a decent grade, and though Mr. S was a nice guy at least. And I really did enjoy class discussion, at least when Mr. S had his mouth shut.

Apr 2003

Well, L&R is no longer going to be offered any more, but I am writing this review just in case "Mr.S" will be teaching your University Writing class. I have never, in my life, had a more inexperienced and inept teacher. He has a knack for taking what you say and rephrasing it so he can understand it, and the mangled product he spits out is nothing close to what you originally said. He writes prompts that are gramatically incorrect, asanine, and set you up for total failure. I don't know how he snuck under the radar and got employed, but he single-handedly ruined my entire semester. I loathed every second in his class listening to him and every hours outside his class doing his assignments. From talking to my classmates, I am not the only one who hated my "Mr S." experience. I am sorry for all first-year's who get stuck with him. Best of luck.