Hans Martin Puchner

Apr 2004

Hans Martin Puchner, or Prof. Puchner to most, grows on you like that nerd you hated as a freshmen, but guiltily loved senior year. His is overwhelmingly academic at times, and initially I found this both unengaging and off-putting. Break through that facade though, and you'll find someone who just really loves his drama. The texts were good, although a bit too much shaw for me. His lectures didn't change my life or anything, but they were interesting. He has a real love for the word 'ourve' and when he says it with his accent it's great. I won't lie, that word kept me awake some thursday afternoons. The class is laregly non-participatroy, which is great if you enjoy taking the occasional afternoon off. Don't skip 4 classes on shaw, read only one shaw play, and then expect to not shit the bed on the midterm. Ahem, I've been told this does not lead to success. Plays are short though, so reading doesn't take long. Overall a good class, but not one that will change your life.

Feb 2004

Is Professor Puchner the most riveting lecturer on the planet? No, but he knows these (sometimes esoteric) plays quite well, and if youÂ’re patient with him, heÂ’ll give you some interesting contextual info as well as some solid, good old fashioned literary analysis. Though his attempts at encouraging class discussion largely failed, he was very good at fielding student questions and answering them--and then letting his lecture move in an entirely new direction. HeÂ’s also very friendly and is always very willing (and even excited) to talk with you during office hours. The plays are good and his lectures are fine, so the class ainÂ’t bad at all.

Apr 2003

This class was pretty dry, but not terribly painful. The plays we read were very good for the most part - all of the plays you would expect i.e. Ibsen and Chekhov - and his lectures, while pretty boring, were informative. He almost never calls on people in class so you can get away with not doing the readings. HOWEVER. If you do this, he will nail your ass to the wall during the midterm. BUT he is very nice about it and will severely weight your grade towards the final exam and the final paper if you show improvement. All in all I would take something else if I could do the semester over again. It's not hard, and a pretty easy A if you do the work, but it's pretty conducive to sleeping and slacking off.