Paz Nachon

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Sep 2004

Paz is so cheerful and nice. She'll often come into class and go on this quick rant in spanish about something that just happened to her. It's funny and cute. Sometimes I understood it. If you get Paz, you will have a nice semester and learn some spanish. The workload is far from excessive. It's decent and the class won't overburden you at all. One day you have to do a 5 minute oral presentation or something like that.... over whatever you want. I don't think she grades this one too hard. You also do an oral discussion exam at the end, but it isn't solo. It's a small group. Also a pleasant experience. So anyway, Paz is cool. Enjoy her, you lucked out!

May 2004

Excellent. Paz is fun, extremely nice, and a good instructor. In the Spanish Department it's better to go with a native speaker, and since Paz is from Madrid she knows a lot about Spanish. She's really nice and very understanding, and doesn't assign a ton of work - what more could you ask for in the final semester of the language requirement?

Dec 2003

Paz is a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher. She understands that her students will work better if a little of the pressure of grades is lifted- she grades clearly and easily and makes even those who hate languages want to learn Spanish. Always available for help outside of class, and fun and interesting in the classroom. You can't go wrong.

Dec 2003

Paz, frankly, is the best. She is kind, understanding, considerate, has a great sense of humor, and is a wonderful teacher. I am a third year graduate student, so I have had many professors over the years, and I can honestly say that she is one of my favorites.

Nov 2003

Wonderful Professor, makes herself available outside of the classroom and is totally understanding. Always in a positive mood, and willing to truly help. Altogether a great teacher!

Aug 2003

Wonderful professor. The class is fun and you will learn, that's a difficult combination to find. She's easy to talk to, is almost always available out side of class. Makes lessons interesting and'll actually want to go to class.

May 2003

Well, I don't think you could ask for a nicer teacher. Before I chose my class last semester, I read the culpa reviews and all the other teachers sounded awful! Paz was unreviewed, and frankly i couldn't figure out why.... I think Paz realizes that this is a required class and that most of the students in the class are looking to fulfill the core. However, she made most class periods engaging and she was very encouraging throughout our awful attempts at speaking her native language. She is willing to see anyone in office hours and she even jokes around sometimes in class. Hopefully I can get her again next year!