Jennifer Foray

May 2003

As far as L&R teachers go, Ms. Foray is the shit...honestly. I remember walking into my first L&R class and thinking that I was going to hate it, but as it turns out, L&R was one of my favorite classes-- and that was all due to Ms. Foray. She's a young history grad student with a lot to say. I was lucky enough to not be in the pilot class, so we had a bit more leway as far as topics go. With that said, the topics were interesting and recent. She was very aproachable in and out of class, so discussing a paper was no problem at all. I felt like she was one of my girls, but at the same time, I recognized that she was an authority figure. I'm not sure if she'll be teaching L&R next semester, but if you get a chance to pick her, it'll be one of the best decisions you make as far as CORE teachers go. TRUST ME!!!!