Murat Akan

Nov 2004

This man is an idiot. He was a mechanical engineer in Turkey and then decided to get his MA in medieval political thought. Don't bother asking him any serious question because he'll say "the thing about philosophy is that some questions don't have a correct answer" - translation: "I have no idea". If you go to office hours and ask for help on the format of the paper that's supposed to be a convo between 3 philosophers, he'll draw you a diagram of a baseball diamond or some triangular hour-glass looking thing. get an A- on a paper and ask what you should do next time to get an A, and he says there's nothing wrong w/ the paper, in fact its so good that he has to ask you if you had help on it. (yeah, i'm little bitter :). THere's no point to reading because the discussions are completely random. Half the time there will be dead silence for a good 25 minutes as he flips through the text trying to find something to say, and then gives up and let you go early, which i guess is the only plus of the class.

Feb 2004

Murat Akan exemplifies what is wrong with the core. He knows nothing about the material and seems to never prepare for class. I would be surprised if he's read all the works on the syllabus. He's a nice guy, but teaching CC isn't his strong suit.

May 2003

Murat Akan's greatest trait (and greatest weakness) is that he encourages discussion from his students. He does an excellent job of laying out the main questions, but getting answers becomes tricky. Beware of classmates running amuck with the discussions. Also, Murat isn't good at saving a dying discussion with a strict lesson plan. His funky political diagrams on the blackboard and stray moments devoted to "orientalist critique" add to the general atmosphere. He's open to holding class outdoors, incorporating movies into the curriculum, spending Core money on plays and free breakfasts: over all, a good teacher.