Lucy Robinson

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jul 2006

I took Lucy's summer intro stats course. Since it was a 6- week class it was a lot of work but Lucy made it quite pleasant. Very fair tests, ample office hours, generous curve. I was warned about how awful and boring statistics class would be and I ended up loving it! Do anything you can to register for her section.

Feb 2006

Lucy's a great TA. She held recitation every week and was so helpful in doing examples and explaining the material (some people found her even more helpful than the professor). While she does have a "valley-girl" accent that could be distracting on occasion, she knows her stuff and went out of her way to make sure we understood what was going on.

May 2003

I found Lucy to be both enthusiastic and helpful. All emails were reponded to quickly, and she was always extremely helpful outside of class. Grading was fair, and she was more than willing to go over all homework assignments and exams. If she is TAing a stats class, take it!!