Jeffry Phan

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Aug 2004

I can see where people say that he's a pretty cool guy. He's definitely trying to put a hipster spin on mathematicians with his tongue ring and laid back attitude. That's all well and good, but he's an uptight son of a bitch. He really hates it when students disrupt his lectures. He doesn't have patience with students who struggle on some concepts. If anything, what I took from ODE was what I learned from the book, not what he taught. Always disorganized, his idea of an example is so basic the book doesn't bother with it. It makes homework all the more difficult since he chooses problems that include stuff we've never learned. He's an arrogant mathematician who's got a serious Napolean complex.

Jun 2004

I think that Jeffry Phan is a great teacher. His lectures were logical and easy to follow. He has a sense of humor, which helps. Most of all, I appreciated his fearless ability to work out problems thrown at him by students in class on the fly.

May 2004

He is great! He really does care if you learn or not. He is very approchable and whenever you need help he will try his best to be there for you. He is also very understanding of slow students (like me). I loved him so much I would take any class he was teaching. I will say it is not an easy class but what you get out of it is wel worth the extra hours. Mr. Phan aka Jeff is just cool.

Feb 2004

Not an easy class, by any stretch of the imagination. But well, well worth it. It's the first time I've come out of a math course feeling secure on the material. This is due to the fact that Jeff is one of the better teachers at Columbia. Nice guy, excellent teacher; he has high standards, but rewards you if you are putting in the effort. If you want an easy A, don't take this class - if you want to learn math, go for it. It's enjoyable.

Dec 2003

Jeff Phan is one of the few math teachers I've ever had who actually made it worthwhile. He was the most approachable professor I've had thus far, especially in a lecture class like calculus. His goal was to make sure all of his students understood the material, not get through the necessary chapters. He was willing to work his lesson plan around our needs. There were always enough in-class examples, throroughly explained to make the homework much more doable. He was also just really funny, enjoyable, and easy to learn from. Awesome class overall! Having never taken calculus before, I thought the class would be a never-ending struggle. The material, however, was presented in an easy-to-understand fashion once you get the hang of Jeff's teaching style (which only took me two or three classes). All of the deltas, epsilons, and alphas are a bit scary in the beginning, but come together at the end of the course.

May 2003

This class was excelent. Phan is a very good teacher, and is always available to help you out if you are having problems or if you want to joke around. Take his class if you actually want to learn some calculus. He's not easy, but if you stay on top of your work and pay attention, you will most likely do well.

May 2003

Jeff was amazing. He taught the material in a straight forward manner. the class however is VERY difficult, especially the exams. Put in effort and he will reward it.