Robert Armstrong

Apr 2004

Rob is totally awesome. I'm glad culpa took down the old review, cause it was way off base. Yes, there are pop quizzes, yes, he grades essays really hard, but trust me, you will never be bored in Lit Hum if you take this man's class. Be prepared for some philosophizing, but it's fun. He's very young and pretends to be hip which is funny and he runs the greatest discussions ever. Totally approachable and in all ways helpful. PLus he's super smart and has some valuable advice about how to get through college without losing your mind. Take his class. Do it.

May 2003

...[CULPA CENSOR]...Not a single person in his class learned anything about a single book. It's bad enough having to contend with the Lit-Hum reading, but dealing with rob is too much. He cannot answer a relevant question for his life, and he is too busy trying to establish the reason for each book's appearance on the syllabus to invlove himself with any analysis of the literature.