Suzanne Menghraj

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2005

Suzanne is very good at what she does. She makes you write a lot and her grading is tough, but you end up growing as a writer and--as my class did--having a good time while you're at it. Her sensibilities are down to earth and practical rather than doctrinaire or overly academic, which is good because it enables her to cut through a lot of bullshit and make you (or the class) get to the point. And for the most part, she's very personable about it so you don't really feel like she's being a bitch or too hard on anyone. I, for one, found her approach refreshing. I imagine other instructors are less helpful. Alas, Suzanne is not perfect. She is a little quirky outside of class and has a slightly odd sense of boundaries. But that, as a friend of mine likes to say, is "picking the fly shit out of the pepper." Suzanne is good. You'll have fun. Trust me.

Dec 2004

Suzanne is a great teacher! The classes were fun and the essays were interesting to write. Suzanne is even greater outside the classroom. Office hours really help to realize why our essays do not work after the 1st draft. Overall awesome teacher who managed to turn a boring class into fun. The only drawback was the amount of work - too much to do besides writing essays. But otherwise I would love to take a class with her again.

Sep 2004

Suzanne is one of the kindest, most personable instructors you could hope to have. Grading is tough though she is flexible on deadlines to some extent. Written feedback is tailored to the writer's level of expertise. A professor with liberal and compassionate political views. Suzanne could make an excellent class even better by putting a lid on the overly talkative students in class who add little to discussions. Off-topic debates in class were an annoyance, but there is no reason to think Suzanne can't quash these better going forward. A very capable, likeable instructor with a gift for writing.

May 2003

Suzanne is a wonderful teacher of English. She leads discussions with insightful questions and stays respectful of her students the entire time. She is very down-to-earth and humble - always willing to take time to help, and even willing to play ultimate frisbee with everyone on the last day of classes. She doesn't do a fantastic job of keeping discussions on topic and quieting down the eager beavers who might monopolize the talking, but she always tries to drive the discussions towards some point or conclusion. As a corrector of essays, she is far and away the best I've seen. Her suggestions are tuned towards the writer's skill level, focusing on what they most need to improve on. She can come up with both general and explicit suggestions that will impress even the most confident essay writer (she certainly impressed me, at any rate). Fairly flexible on deadlines, attendance & workload, though not a pushover. Grading is fair, tilting slightly towards the easy side judging by how anal most L&R profs are. Would take a class by her again.