Francisco Barrenechea

Apr 2006

Good teacher, not the most amazing one ever, but the class was pretty easy and we learned alot. He knew the books very very very well, including in the original Greek, and had fairly interesting ideas about the content. Nothing he said blew me away, but it was all fine. He graded pretty nicely and was willing to work on our essays with us. He didn't give too much work

Jan 2006

Francisco was on the whole a good teacher. He was very nice and always made himself available when I or anyone in the class needed to meet one on one. The one on one sessions were much better than class time though. It seems he had trouble controlling class discussions and preventing them from spiralling into talks about very vague and abstract ideas that rarely applied to the books. We ended up talking a lot about how people felt about the books instead of discussing the significance of various parts in the books. This was really annoying. Still, he knows the books we read like the back of his hand, and should you introduce an idea, he will entertain it and do anything but shoot it down. It felt like we weren't getting the best of him in class. He would bring in poems and photographs that could be related to the books-- while this was very interesting, because the class felt unstructured to begin with, they made discussions even more random and disjointed. That is why meeting with him one on one was amuch more helpful. You really get to see what an incredible professor he is outside of the classroom.

May 2003

Great class. Francisco is a very approachable teacher and seems to be extremely interested in what he is teaching. One of the books that is covered is Ovid's Metamorphoses, where you translate creation stories and passages about people you've probably already heard about if you've ever taken Latin before. The book covered in the second half of the semester is Lucan's Civil War, which is filled with stories that will keep your attention. A couple are snakes attacking men in the desert, battles between ships, and other interesting tales. The quizzes aren't very hard. Just about 10 lines of the translation that has been done the week before, and a couple syntax questions. The midterm and final are 4 of these quizzes on the untested portions of the translation. The class is great as long as you don't get behind on the translation.