Frank Brady

May 2004

My personal experience in the class was coming in, sitting down, listening to him ramble on for an hour about anything that randomly crossed his mind, and then spending the second hour listening to students read their work -- something I could very well have done on my own. At times, I found him interesting. After all, he spoke of his experiences as a writer and I want to BE one --but most of the time I found his comments self-involved, common-sensical and unenlightening. Of course, he was such an amiabe man so that made up for it - but there were times during the semester when I just saw no point in going to class.

May 2003

I signed up for this class at the last minute and was really glad I took it. It’s a seminar—12 students, once a week, and a decent but not overwhelming amount of work. Though Brady tends to dominate class discussion, offering tidbits of journalism advice, students (usually 2 a class) read their work and get feedback from the rest of the class once assignments begin coming due. Brady himself is a chess fanatic and wrote a biography of his friend Bobby Fischer.