Maria Morillo

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jul 2006

Wonderful teacher! Anytime there was a question, she would stop and try to explain it the best way possible. She was an English major in her college years, so she is always willing to give a quick, but relevant, explanation of the Spanish-English grammar questions. Always willing to work around your schedule, very reasonable grading and the corny games actually got a little better (and more helpful) as the semester progressed. Take her class if you can!

Dec 2004

Very sweet lady. She's very passionate about her class. She loves teaching and learning as well. She's a good grader and is understanding. She is funny in class and great to talk to outside of class.

Jan 2004

Prof. Morillo has great energy and dedication. She seems to adore teaching and is innovative and creative in her assignments. She truly wants her students to learn and will do all in her power to see that her students' success comes to fruition. She is approachable, considerate and kind. Truly a 'class' act.

Nov 2003

Maria is the best. She made class comfortable and by the end of the semester she felt like a friend. She even invited us to go out for lunch and dancing several times. I have so much trouble with spanish but i could understand the material and i did well.

Oct 2003

I agree completely with the other review. Maria is GREAT and fun and so adorable, and her clothes are EXTRA cute. I took Spanish in high school and didn't learn a thing and being in her class for one semester totally caught me up on all the grammar I had missed. Now I'm a Spanish major. Don't make her sad by not doing the homework!

May 2003

Wow, what an absolute doll. Maria is one of those people that no one can dislike. She is a rare professor who is super nice AND an excellent teacher. Usually you don't get either of those at columbia. She came to class with so much energy, ready and organized to teach us and to make class fun. She brought in spanish songs and a lot of supplemental exercises with are essential. We practiced so much that when you took the quizes, you just knew everything. ABSOLUTELY take this teacher. You will leave each class, having learned spanish yet the class doesn't feel like a "class". It feels more like you're hanging out with a friend and learning a lot. She encourages everyone to do their best and takes the class very seriously. If you don't do well, she gets offended almost! Oh, and she has a really hot brother. I hope she teaches 1202 next semester or some spanish lit classes. I'd love to take her class again.