Damon Chaky

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2006

If you get Damon as you're seminar leader, consider yourself VERY lucky. He's so helpful, and eager to teach, but he's also very "chill" and understanding. Go to his office hours, talk to him, he's a nice, intelligent guy, and makes FoS worth while

Sep 2005

Dr. Chaky is a cool guy. He loves this class, and he puts as much effort as possible into making it interesting and fun for everybody. Damon always answers our questions and makes himself easily accessible in case we need help. So, if you get put in his seminar, you lucked out.

Jan 2005

Damon is awesome. The Frontiers of Science lectures were occasionally interesting and usually boring, but Damon's seminar was always fun. Some reviews here have said it was easy, and it was - but mainly because it's easier to do work when your professor is awesome. Which he was. Take this class.

Jan 2005

Yeah, Damon is really nice and a fair grader. But let's be honest-- Frontiers discussions are a joke. You'll dread going to the Pupin dungeon every week to waste your time and get treated like a high school kid again. You'll trivialize some interesting scientific work and waste countless hours of time with "field experiments". At least Damon is on your side.

Jan 2005

Fronteirs is a joke of a class and a waste of your time. However, Damon made the class somewhat bearable and always seemed ready to help. Compared to what I have heard about other section leaders, Damon is probably one of the best.

Jan 2005

Yes, this man is very nice and quite easy. However, the discussions sometimes get a tad has yet to be shown that any Frontiers discussion can be interesting, though...

Dec 2004

Damon is just an all-around nice guy who genuinely loves science and loves to share his love of science with his students. He can't help that Frontiers is a worthless class; he would often introduce things into our discussions that added an extra angle to what had been said in the lectures. He would always answer every single question that anybody had, and do so quickly and happily. Damon made the evil monster that is Frontiers of Science bearable. I'd take another class with him in a heartbeat.

Dec 2004

Damon was an awesome TA. There isn't any more than you can ask for; he's really approachable, intelligent, and grades very fairly. He's good at explaining and clarifying really obscure scientific concepts (great for "non-science" people like me), and he facilitates discussion really well. Damon's full of energy--he reminds me of a hyperactive squirrel sometimes. He's in motion constantly--lots of big hand gestures and walking around the room--and you can tell that he totally loves discussing science with students, even though the topics might not be related to his personal field (environmental science). Definitely consider yourself lucky if you're placed into his section; he made Frontiers my favorite class this semester.

Nov 2004

This guy is the nicest, friendliest, easiest teacher ever. It's so nice just being in his class, so I just had to put a good word in for him.