Pedro de Blas

Jun 2003

First of all, this class is hard. Greek is a complicated language, and it takes a hell of a lot of hubris to try and learn it in one semester. The pace is brutal, with new grammar and vocabulary coming daily; you will seldom have enough time to learn one set of forms before moving on to something new. That said, Pedro is definitely the man to take Intensive Greek with. He puts as much work into the class as he expects from you, making sure to present the material clearly and comprensively. If you are struggling with any particular point (which everyone will do), he is always willing to meet before or after class to help you make sense of it. He is also open to input from students, adjusting the class according to our suggestions. Pedro's approach definitely pays off: by the end of the semester, we were all reading Plato with (relative) ease, and I for one feel well-prepared to continue with more advanced Greek.