Kevin Murphy

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2006

Best T.A. I've had in my three years here, hands down- no other one even came close. I'm not kidding- this guy's a born teacher. Plus, he's funny as hell- and his dry wit enhances whatever it is he's talking about. If you EVER have a chance to get him for a discussion section, you'll end up with the one discussion section that was actually worthwhile. Awesome.

May 2004

If you have the opportunity to be in Mr. Murphy's section, definately get in. Like the other review states, he's really, really kind when you have a bad week and can't finish the reading. If you tell him before section that you can't make it, he's totally cool with it, just as long as you do your posting. But, you really should go to section because not only is he incredibly knowledgable about history, he always makes sure to simplify topics or articles that are difficult. He'll explain them thoroughly, and then give you the bottom line in one sentance. He was also really helpful with my research paper. The TAs were striking, but he answered all my questions via email and was even willing to look at a couple pages of writing. Basically, Mr. Murphy is an awesome TA because he is smart and cool, so I suggest you take him.

Jun 2003

Try to take Kevin's section! He is a wonderful, wonderful TA. He is understanding of history students who cannot finish the week's reading (and even assumes most students are slackers), but manages somehow to facilitate lively discussions (and welcomes varied opinions and self-expression) and offers very thorough, constructive criticism of written work. An exceptionally kind, open-minded TA.