Eugene Litwak

Dec 2003

Prof. Litwak is a sweet man but honestly his lectures are so incredbily disorganized that you need notes on your notes. The articles he assigns are amazing though and make the class really worthwhile. He definitely raised questions I had not thought of before in terms of a future career in medicine. Watch out for the tests though. He is NOT interested in independent thought. There are 3 true/false tests during the semester and the final is a two question essay take-home. Be wise a act like a parrot on the final.

Jul 2003

Professor Litwak is a quirky, interesting and somewhat puzzling teacher. He knows what he's talking about, but often repeats himself. By the end of the semester the information kind of comes together, but a lot of time is wasted on repeating the last 20 minutes of the previous lecture. Litwak's lectures are sometimes really entertaining, but it's not in that funny-yet-I'm-learning way, more like oh-man-this-guy-is-old way. Still, Litwak is amiable, I can't help but like him. The bowtie gets me every time.