Alberto Martin

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jun 2005

Alberto is the best TA I've had at Columbia and probably the best there is. Although he is supposed to go over the problem sets, he solves them step-by-step (so that you'll understand them perfectly unless you don't pay any attention). He also explains the most important concepts from the two weekly lectures. Going to class once and being fairly attentive to the professor, reading the book, and paying close attention to Alberto's 1-hour-a-week seminars should give you an easy A.

Aug 2003

Alberto Martin is a wonderful lecturer. He looks for involvement from students, and expects most of the class to be able to answer the "what's the next step?" type questions he asks as he goes through examples. If you don't understand something by test time, it's really your own fault. He frequently stops to make sure the class is still with him, encourages questions, and is even willing to spend a session or two reviewing before tests. His grading seems flexible as well, allowing you to improve mediocre midterm performance with a strong final, or vice versa. In addition to the usual theoretical and math explanation most micro will provide, he'll give you plenty of numerical examples. I fully recommend him.

Jul 2003

Alberto was the TA for my Microeconomics course. He is great! He always took a lot of time to answer our questions, and has a stunning ability to break down complex micro problems to a simple understanding. He also solved the problem sets for us BEFORE they day they were due so everybody ended up getting 4/4. A great guy! I liked him a lot, and if he was teching an advanced econ course, I would definitely sign up for him.

Jul 2003

alberto was my TA (well, half the term) for micro ... this man saved my hide!! I went to one of his discussion sections one week cause I missed mine ... he basically did the homework problems (the ones due in 24 hours) with us. He's really great at explaining difficult concepts; suddenly the class became really easy. Those of you who can take him during the summer- DO IT. Not only is he great at explaining things, but he really seems to care about his students.