Susan Beningson

Aug 2003

Ms. Beningson certainly was very knowledgeable about her subject and came to class well-prepared for each lecture. Also, she has an excellent, relaxed teaching style. Most of my friends and I found her to be very good, but we all agreed she graded the papers a little too harshly. Just make sure you use the terminology she uses in class and you should be fine on the papers and exams. Also, she assigns various readings in the syllabus but YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ THEM (my words, not hers)! You will see what I mean when it comes time for the papers and exams and you find there is no time to refer to the readings. I did very well in the course by taking copious notes, having good attendance/being on-time, and participating regularly. Also, do not worry about taking notes (or even paying attention) during the museum visits because none of it was on the exams. However, she does take attendance to see who comes to the museum.