Ngonidzashe Munemo

Aug 2006

There are definately better classes to take, but there are also worse ones. Ngoni teachers straight out of his lecture slides, which he posted after each class. Class itself is not that interesting, but he will gladly discuss something more in depth if you ask him about it or comment on it. He focuses very much on political theory and uses countries only as examples to explain the theories. I think Prof. Linda Beck's intro to comp politics class focuses more on a number of different countries political systems. I would have found that more interesting, but that's a matter of personal preference. It was a summer class. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good. It fulfilled my intro requirement for the polisci major ad I got a good grade, so I'm glad I took it. But I think you'll probably do better taking Beck dring the regular year and taking a different class in the summer. I would have taken Beck, but I didn't register in time and she wouldn't sign me in after the first class. Overall: so-so

Aug 2003

Ngoni is currently a PhD student and first-time college-level insturctor; this was evidenced in his teaching this summer. While his lectures were certainly thorough, he basically just reiterated what the book said and did not add too many new/interesting things in. I must add though, that time constraints prevented much adding if the readings were to be gone over thoroughly. Ngoni tends to read from lecture notes--his public speaking style is not all that developed--and this can be a bit boring. He will answer any questions you have, however, is totally approachable and does not mind repeating concepts that you don't understand. Overall, a great class, if just for the texts you get to read.