Michael Rebell

Jan 2014

The materials of this class can be read at home and your understanding of the whole course can be done in just a couple of hours. Professor Rebell might be a well-known scholar in his field, but as a professor, he is not that good at all. His class is often boring, and he lectures all the time. He asks a couple of questions to get students involved, but tries to hard. The class is huge, and you think studying education law would be interesting. Actually it's not. It's not in the least intellectually stimulating. You can get it all by reading what's on the website of Harlem Children's Zone, or Say Yes, Syracuse. Don't waste your time taking this class.

Sep 2003

This class is taught by a man who has worked for many years in the field of special education law. He is very into Judicial activism, so it is taught from that perspective. Knowing that, he does attempt to be open to students who disagree and he is not self-righteous. It was a worthwhile class, but at times he put me to sleep. I could have read it all on my own and gotten the same thing out of it.