Jennifer Lin-Martinez

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Dec 2003

Profesora Lin-Martinez is nothing short of a delight! She always found ways to make class enjoyable and if she wasn't light-heartedly making fun of students in class, she was bashing her lazy, useless husband. In terms of academics, she was also great! She was a fabulous teacher who was dedicated to making sure every student understood the concepts. She insisted that Spanish be spoken in the classroom unless you asked permission first and she wouldn't hesistate to use English herself if it seemed like the class was struggling to understand something. She was always quick to respond to e-mails and was eager to grant extensions on the compositions if you needed them. She is extremely understanding no matter what the situation! Overall, she was wonderful! I would take a class just because she was the professor!

Dec 2003

Professor Martinez was not only enthusiastic, organized, and informative, but also the nicest and funniest professor I had all semester. The pace of the class and the material was very managable and the assignments were very clear, relevant, and helpful and not at all overwhelming. Professor Martinez has a fabulous teaching style. Although the class is very laid back and enjoyable, she expects a lot and because she's such a nice person, you sincerely want to do your best. She even brought us Spanish deserts on two occasions. I'd love to take her class again. If you want to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time, DEFINITELY TAKE HER CLASS!!

Nov 2003

When I saw there were no reviews of Sra. Martinez, I had to write... she's the best! Definitely sign up for her class. She is nice, funny, (makes funny comments about her lazy husband, etc). She gives a reasonable amount of work and grades fairly. The cool thing about Martinez is that she is willing to speak in English if the class is totally lost. If there's something super important, she re-states it in English. I had her class from 7:40-9pm and never missed a class... now that is a telling tribute of her greatness!

Sep 2003

Jennifer Lin-Martinez is not only a good teacher but a good person too. She makes the class atmosphere relaxed and pleasant, and she frequently has the students work in groups. The material in this course is almost all review for anyone who has taken the Spanish A.P. and done well, which makes the class pretty easy and unstressful. The workload isn't bad at all, and the take-home essays are all short (1-2 pages double spaced). This is how they work: you hand in an essay, get it back with corrections next class (usually), and then rewrite the essay for the week after. If you really want to improve your spanish writing, you should take these essays seriously. On an interesting side note, Jennifer Lin-Martinez is Taiwanese, and she'll occassionally teach you some chinese words...which is pretty cool. All in all, W3200 is a good course, and Lin-Martinez makes it easy and enjoyable.