Sirine Shebaya

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2005

I had Sirine for the entire year and loved every minute of it. I came into CC nervous that I would not be able to grasp the material. Sirine explained things articulately and simply without sacrificing the fine points. This was my favorite class, both semester, although the material was more enjoyable the second semester. Sirine is a little hard to crack during office hours. Weirdly, she is friendly in class. Nonetheless, she is willing to listen to you babble about philosophy and always helpful when you have questions. She is very anal when grading the midterms but if you listen in class and do most of the reading, you will be fine. She is just very cool.

Jan 2005

i had quite a different reaction to sirine as a teacher than the other 2 reviewers. while she was certainly very educated and full of information on her subject, i felt that her zest for philosophy was responsible for her expecting more out of us than most would or do of cc students, taking philosophy for the first time and out of necessity. while the papers were of average cc length (1500 words) i felt that she was looking for a certain opinion and only wanted to hear what she thought was right. she was a very, very hard grader on papers--in a core class where some teachers don't 'give' below a B that should definitely be known. her personality did lighten the class, as she seemed fun and youthful. however as a whole i did not enjoy cc with her.

Jan 2004

Sirine does an excellent job of mananging to create a friendly, open class atmosphere, yet at the same time do an excellent job of effectively presenting and clearly explaining the material. She is real big on class participation and really encourages students to develop opinions and questions about works as a way to establish a deeper understanding. I didn't really go for extra help, but from what I have heard from others and in class, she is very good at making herself available to help students. I was glad to read her previous reviewer thought she was hot, I always wondered in class if I was the only one who saw it. Unfortunately I can't stay in her class next semester, but wish I could for the education but also to see what outfits the spring would bring.

Oct 2003

Sirine is a grad student in the philosophy department. I had her for Existentialism, which was taught over the summer. Beyond being really gorgeous (H-O-T), she is an amazing teacher. She has clearly done a lot of teaching elsewhere -- she said in Lebanon -- because her lectures were always insightful and concise. She did a good job of incoroporated Courseworks into class discussion -- posts were discussed for about half of the class time. Discussion comprised about 3/4 of total class time. Sirine really appreciated the thoughts of her students and would do her best to articulate them when the student was at a loss for clear words. She was also helpful developing sparks of ideas into complete fires of new interpretations and problems with the systems and ideas of the philosophers we'd read. Paper topics were chosen from a huge variety; individual topics could be done with consent. There was a lot of reading/homework because it was a summer class, but grading was generally lenient. If you have the opportunity to take a class or section with Sirine, definitely do it. She is peronable, fun, exotic, and knowledgeable beyond the level of any other TA I've encountered.