Karla Wolfangle

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2011

Take this course if you need an easy 3 credits! The course require more independent work than actually attending class. Showing to class for individual's showings are required but attendance is very lenient. I don't even remember for going half the time, but I got a good grade in the end! This is a course focusing on developing your solo choreography, which will be your last assignment. Assignments are not difficult at all - creating shapes based on images, transition from one shape into another based on a rubric, dance solo with music. It's a fun course with lots of flexibility! Karla is so sweet and understanding!

May 2010

Karla is wonderful. She's nuts—like, she'll insult you and expect you to agree with her—but she's a damn good teacher and you will improve in her class. She'll make you very strong and really help you learn how to dance from your center—you might want make time to stretch after class because she doesn't do much deep stretching (yoga at the beginning of class so does not count). Be warned that she grades kind of irrationally. I missed four classes (for personal reasons that) in the middle of the semester, and I didn't make any of them up, but she liked me enough that she gave me an A. Likewise, I know people who never missed/made up every single class they missed who received B's.

Jan 2010

The class is pretty long but really great. You improve a lot with your technique. The only problem is that all of the dance majors stock up on Ballet and Modern classes 4-6 and because it is a seminar class, Karla can't give everyone an A. While I have dance training, I am not a dance major and I would be out of my comfort zone in a higher level of modern. I worked very hard and improved a lot, but only got a B. It seemed unfair to me that people who were clearly better than Modern 4 would be the ones getting the As. It seems equivalent to an Native speaker taking an Intermediate level language class. After working my ass off in my Econ classes, it just seemed unfair that Dance would bring down my GPA. So, keep that in mind.

Feb 2009

Great class! The warm-up is unique- incorporates yoga technique, very relaxing. She works on ballet technique and does a lot of jumps. GREAT WORK-OUT! She is also hilarious.

May 2005

Great teacher-- will really help you and show you how to improve. You start with yoga and then work on a lot of technique-building center and acroos the floor excersises. Its not a class you take for fun-- theres no combinations really and you gotta work hard. You do improve a lot with her help but she is a litte intimidating at times. Also,shes not a very fair grader-- so watch out it might not be an asset to your GPA....and you cant pass/fail the class. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable class.

Dec 2004

Karla might seem a bit crazy at first. She yells apparently random words or phrases during exercises, and she tells anecdotes of questionable relation to the class. However, she really cares for her students. If you take this class, your technique will improve. She often spends too much time on exercises in the center, and this leaves little time for combinations at the end. This serves to help with technique, so take this class if you want to improve.

Oct 2004

Karla's absolutely wonderful in every way. I write this review as I take her modern class for the third time because it's time I spread the word. We begin each class with yoga-dance in silence, followed by warm-up. The thing about her warm up is, she's slow. But slow in a deliberate way, realizing that no matter how experienced/inexperienced you are you will get something out of the movement. It's the fundamentals of modern dance, Karla-style. She doesn't leave very much time to go across the floor, but I always leave sweaty and satisfied.

May 2004

Karla is an amazing teacher! Dance teachers are often either too laid back, offering little feed back to their students or they are extremely harsh, making it difficult for the students to see past their negative comments, but Karla balances these two extremes very well. She is firm in her teaching and constantly stresses the importance of a strong technique, but she also knows when to encourage her students and let them know how much they are improving. I strongly recommend that you take a class with Karla, you will definitely leave her class as a stronger dancer.

Oct 2003

Karla is a dedicated teacher who expects a lot out of her students and gets it. In her class, we learned alot about body placement and technique, while still doing a good amount of interesting choreography and across the floor work. Though the classes can be a bit of a mix of ability levels, everyone sees dramatic improvement by the end of the semester.