Stephen Pinson

Jan 2005

This is an easy section. There is barely any reading and we had fewer slides on our midterm and final than other sections I've heard about. Unfortunately, you probably won't learn much unless you go in knowing nothing about art. Dr. Pinson is nice but he isn't the most engaging speaker and seems kind of shy or intimidated. He definitely didn't have the best material to work with but class discussions were rather painful--I would have preferred silence to some of the idiotic comments he let slide by. Art Hum may just be a flawed class but Dr. Pinson did little to improve it (though to his credit, he definitely tried.)

Jan 2005

Stephen Pinson's course was really great. At first, it took a bit of time (almost the entire semester!) for the people in the class to warm up with each other and Dr. Pinson, but I felt that in the end, I learned as much about art as one could in a 13 week course that attempts to cover mainly 600 years of art. Pinson is a bit shy and he makes a fairly big deal out of not doing the reading (it's really obvious to tell when people haven't done the reading, and there's not really that much to do). He also doesn't like it when people don't participate, which can be frustrating for those who don't know how to really comment on art. But, if you stick to the reading and follow the material in class, you'll realize that Pinson is an insanely knowledgeable professor who has a knack for teaching art. I'd definitely recommend his class.

Dec 2004

Prof. Pinson is a great Art Hum instructor. He sticks to a few main themes throughout the semester so by the end you really have a good feel for how the artists all relate to each other. Class discussions sometimes were dominated by a few talkative people, but pinson does his best to get everyone to contribute. He is also a very sweet guy, willing to help with papers and letting class out early.

Nov 2004

Prof Pinson is great. He knows the core is BS and does his best to cram like 50 million years of art into the semester without being overwhelming. Discussions are entertaining b/c he won't hesistate to laugh at people that give bs responses (like someone saying cherubin are allusions to flying baby jesuses). You don't need to do the reading, but if you skim it, you can find a few good comments to make to up your participation grade.

Jul 2004

dr. pinson is great !!! he knows his stuff but at the same time allows the students to analyze the pieces by themselves. sometimes this gets a bit long, but i've never managed to fall asleep in his class. he's a really nice and approachable guy who is very understanding. i handed in a paper late due to an extenuating reason and he didn't take points off. if you pay attention to class (and go everytime), you'll do well.... trust me. he doesn't test anything that isn't covered in class, nor does he rely heavily (or at all!) on the art hum readings. thank your lucky stars if you get dr. pinson... he's a nice guy who gives easy grades. if you haven't done well in class, then it's because you haven't payed attention to the slides.

Oct 2003

This was the professor's first class teaching out of grad school, and it showed. Overall though i thought it was a good class, and that he'll improve in the future. Pinson clearly knows his stuff, and when he discusses a work you get a good understanding of it . The problem lay in the fact that this was a somewhat rare occurrence. He usually let the classes discuss works and tried to guide it to the right answer, which was often time consuming. Although in general he seemed a very lenient grader, he was somewhat unclear in his paper and midterm assignments and thus would be disappointed with the results. Specifically in the paper he was looking more for visual analysis of the pieces then the broader thematic significance that the class mostly wrote about, and in the midterm he expected a more in-depth knowledge of each slide than was exhibited. Overall I've learned a lot about art (as someone who didn't know anything about the subject previously) and feel that while in this semester he was probably an average or slightly above average teacher in the future he will probably be good to very good