Raul Miranda

Jan 2007

Raul is a most wonderful professor. When I read previous reviews about him, I was really hesistant about taking his class, but now I am glad i did. Please do not judge a man from the way he looks. Raul looks mean and menacing, but deep down, he has an uncle's heart. he will talk with you and joke with you. he does not care much about university policy. He says he never gives a C, and that students should not worry much about their grades, but just concentrate on learning the language. He gives exam reviews, but his reviews are normally the same as the exams, with just a few changes. I did not know much Spanish, but now I do. Thanks to Raul.

Aug 2006

Raul was nice to me because I knew Spanish. Everyone else had a difficult time and that made me feel bad. he spent a lot of class time just conversing with me and ignored the other students. If you want to learn Spanish, then I suggest to register with a different professor. I heard professor Anabela was extremely great and wonderful, she takes time to see that her students learn in a nice, relaxed and friendly environment. That kind of environment is absent in Raul's class and I am sad about that, because Spanish is such a nice language. I am taking it to fulfil my language requirement (an easy A). I really wish Professor Raul was nice and would take time to see that other students learned the language. A few of students got F in the class. So sad. Raul does not speak a word of english in class.If you take this class, I suggest you hire a tutor (about $50 an hour, not bad compared to others who charge $75). My recommendation: Better safe than sorry. Take a different professor if you can help it.

May 2006

Highlight of my week, best teacher i have had yet. If I had had Prof. Miranda for as long as I have been learning spanish, I would have been fluent years ago.

Oct 2005

Prof Miranda is Great. He's funny, sarcastic, isn't afraid to challenge the status quo, is not phased by students talking about their love for drugs, or their apathy towards smoking in front of children. He's also a great teacher, pushing his students to express themselves in Spanish and giving minimal yet very constructive criticism when we mess up. This class is the highlight of my week.

Nov 2003

If you are fluent in Spanish and don't mind an arrogant, egotistical man who has no tolerance for people who aren't, by all means, take Miranda's class. It will be a good lesson in self-induced misery. Some professors are here to teach and some are here strictly for a paycheck...this guy definitely belongs to the latter group. He doesn't show up for office hours and will hold a lenghy conversation with a single person (whose Spanish speaking proficiency should prohibit them from being in the class to begin with) while the rest of the class idly sits by. Masochists will surely adore him.