Bajeera McCorkle

Aug 2011

Pretty excellent. Took CC with her a few years back, but remember the course fondly. Ran into a fellow classmate and was inspired to post this after our rehash. She really engaged with the students, could be funny (sometimes inadvertently). She was good at facilitating debate in our class. Her CC class focused a bit more on politics then some other preceptors might, but all in all a very good course. And she's really smart. I explained Kant to another sophomore after our class on GMM.

Apr 2007

very reasonable, funny, lively. need to hand in arguments/ comments for each class--tedious.

Jan 2007

Keeps discussions lively. Not hard grader. Does not have superiority complex, and is easy going and sweet. a good bet for cc. very knowledgeable. however, her final has id's with no author, no prior list of quotes... very unreasonable for philosophy class where much is in translation, more appropriate for lithum where there is distinctive writing style.

Feb 2004

I thought Bajeera was a fantastic TA and was very receptive to answering questions and clarifying material. she also was very helpful in going over what was important to the cases when I met with her.

Nov 2003

Even though she was only a TA in this one, i thought i should warn people. She's really snotty, and if you go to her for help, even with a good question, she will look at you with disdain.