Julius Ross

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2008

You will definately leave his class with enough notes to write a textbook. The man knows his stuff and is quite charming. No one should make less than a C+ in this class.

Nov 2007

Wonderful professor! I took Calc II with him and would recommend it to anyone. Everything he does is so fair and he is really there to help you. Showing up to office hours is really helpful if you need help understanding the concepts. He pretty much teaches straight out of the book, but it is still important to go to class because the examples he uses in class are similar to test questions. The averages on his exams were pretty decent, so there was not a heavy curve on the exams. However, he applies a huge curve to grades at the end of the semester. Plus, he speaks English fluently (with a cute British accent) and that is rare in the math department. Definitely take his classes!

May 2007

Prof Ross is really good! He cares about students and answers all dumb questions patiently.Office hours are very useful.Concepts get cleared up like no one's business.Highly recommended! His assignments test understanding of material and how you synthesize it as well. They help you understand the material in detail.Good preparation.His exams are reasonable, not easy and not undoable.

May 2006

I thought Professor Ross was a good teacher. Mainly, though, I recall teaching myself the material - I barely went over his notes and mostly looked in the book for examples on how to do problems as well as to practice. Class consists of Ross writing notes on the board, occassionally interacting with the students. You will definately spend a lot of time in the math help room, along with the rest of the class, especially right before Webworks problem sets are due. Overall, he's a fine Professor and I recommend taking Calc. I with him.

May 2006

Good professor overall, always has time for his students. Only two complaints: 1. Green Board + White Chalk + Flourescent lighting glare in Room 203 makes me one sad panda. (ie. bit hard to see). But that's not his fault. 2. Occasionally have to erase an example when something goes wrong along the way, but that's acceptable as it is not common. Recommend this class if you are a math major / need linear algebra too asap / want to challenge yourself. Engineers probably better off taking Calc 3/4, but this is still a very good class. Bit challenging at times, but grading is always fair. Overall, probably an A for Julius, though. He's very, very good.

May 2006

The first semester was markedly better than the second. He seemed more interested in the single-variable material because it was more theoretical and abstract whereas the second semester got dampened by some pretty technical math and boring machinery--as such, he made mistakes and was routinely unprepared. Julius made up for it by being a pretty lenient professor, making easy exams and being fairly generous about giving back lost points on homework. He explained things well in office hours for those who bothered to go. His exams were really easy and never mothing more than the homework problems.

Apr 2006

Great teacher, at least for Honors. He is really smart, and it shows. The class itself is quite difficult, and I would not recommend taking it unless you are willing to spend alot of time working on the problem sets. The class is geared for those who want to be math majors/concentrators, and I would not recommend taking it and spending the necessary time unless you want to continue in math. The class teaches you how to think mathematically and how to work through/write/figure out proofs. Julius Ross is a great guy and is always willing to help on the homework. He will spend much/most of his office hours with his Honors students helping them and guiding through the tough problem sets. He is understanding about conflicts and helps you work out any problems. I was hesitant about taking this class in the beginning of the year but this class has convinced me to be a math major

Jan 2006

Julius is a professor who really cares about his students. He comes to lecture prepared with notes and if you pay attention, you'll have a little textbook by the end of the semester. However, don't expect to understand everything he puts on the board. He's very good to you if you go to office hours. Don't expect it to be a breeze even if you have taken Calculus BC in high school. The second exam is what kills grades. Most of the class seemed to end up with grades in the B+ range, even though the curve was fairly generous. Do all of the homework, even the odd ones, and do all of the webworks if you want an A.

Dec 2005

This teacher is a good lecturer if you need someone who writes down every single thing he says. He takes steps gradually, which is good for some, but can be monotonous. His test are pretty fair. Problem set due every single Friday at noon, basically making all Thursday nights wasted on calc.

Nov 2005

I loved this teacher. His exams are really easy, but the homework assignments are killer. They are due every friday morning, so my thursday nights are pretty much wasted on Calc homework. I probably wouldnt find it too bad if he would just come to my room to help me, but oh well, that's life. Never take Calc III Honors, unless you hope to have a reason to commit suicide, but, definitely take any other class taught by him, because he is a good professor.

Sep 2005

Prof. Ross is a great teacher. He knows the material and genuinely wants you to do well. The material is hard, especially if you haven't been exposed to Calculus before and even if you have, expect to spend a LOT of time doing the homework and webworks. Some of the Webworks did bring tears to my eyes and some of the homework problems were impossible (and I have no idea why he would assign those impossible ones at the end of the sections but he does). The midterms were fairly easy, most of the problems aren't as hard as the webworks but there are always one or 2 that are a bit difficult; the important point is to not focus tooo tooo much on one type of problem and completely overlook others that you need to know. Plan to spend lots of time in the helproom (I sure did, about once a week for a couple of hours) but definitely take advantage of the first midterm since it tends to be a bit easier than the second one. Pretty decent curve, especially in Calc 2. Overrall he's a great Prof. and you just have to deal with the class. Take him, he's probably the best out there.

May 2005

Ross is a great choice, especially if you need to take calc II. He is very well organized, even in his teaching format-- he writes notes on the board as he teaches so that, if you copy them, you end up with a little textboiok in calcII by the end of the semester. He's extremely accessible, and very committed to helping his students to do well. He's a generally nice guy, he knows hte material and, best of all, he can actually speak English- which is difficult to come by in the math department. I would DEFINITely recommend taking him for calcI, II, or, as I understand he's teaching in Fall 2005, Honors CalcIII.

Jan 2005

I'm not sure that I agree with some of the other reviewers. I have never taken calculus and I took pre-calculus 4 years ago, yet I found this class to be taught well and not overly difficult to comprehend. Yes, it requires that you put in extra work on your own reading the chapters, but you can't expect to just attend class and be a calc whiz if you have no prior experience. I read the chapters, did the assigned hmwk problems and webworks, and got an A.

Jan 2005

He can speak english. Which is a HUGE feat for most Calc I profs. He can present the material in a very clear concise way and is willing to answer any questions in class itself. However, I took up through Calc BC and did very well in high school, I was basically taking this class to fulfill a requirement (as most are) and found it to be very difficult. The professors teach the material to students like me, who have already had 2-3 years of Calc before coming to college, and this makes students who are new to the subject -- VERY stressed out. Though I think that is a fault with the math department rather than the prof himself. If you are taking this class to fulfill math requirements, i highly suggest taking logic or stats, and stay away from the Columbia Calc profs. However, if you're an Econ/pre-med major... this class is required head ache, and Ross is probably the best you can do in the Calc prof dept.

Jan 2005

Ross was an ok teacher, if you have taken Calc before, but if you are new to the subject plan on spending a great deal of time in the math help rooms. Ross goes over many examples in classes but does not adequately explain them. He is a new teacher, so his nervousness in front of the class and frequent mistakes can be overlooked-- for now, but if you are serious about Calc donÂ’t take it with him, especially if you havenÂ’t taken a calc course in the past. His midterms are too hard, and the curve did not entirely make up for it. The final was a bit fairer however.

Jan 2005

Dr. J is the man. In the beginning of the semester we all thought he was a little off, with the funny British accent and the need to write down 'remark' before he makes a remark. He also fumbled a bit when answering questions. But he improved a lot, he is just a new teacher. Next semester he should be rockin. his tests are reasonable and so is his grading. he can be reached easily for help, and the workload - 1 webwork and 1 homework per week, is not bad. I suggest taking this guy.

Jan 2005

At face value Ross is a good teacher, but beware. He spends all of class giving examples, but they're usually not the type that will show up on the homework or the midterms. He makes a lot of errors, especially during the first half of the semester. His tests are much harder than those of the other Calculus I professors-- often requiring us to provide proofs that we hardly discussed. I strongly encourage against taking his class.

Dec 2004

Ross' lectures are easy to follow and he is readily available for extra help if you cannot make his office hours. The exams are comprehensive, including only the topics/proofs he covers in class and in the homeworks/webworks...there are no surprises.

Dec 2004

I would recommend taking this class with Ross. He is always very organized and you can tell he tries very hard with the class. I would recommend taking advantage of his office hours where he will go over a hw or webwork problem before it's due if you are having trouble and if a few people bring it up he will do it in class. Pay attention to class, hw and webworks when studying for his test. His final was extremely fair and there were no tricks. I definately feel as though I learned the material. Overall a clear straight foward class.

Dec 2004

Calculus is an extremely difficult subject matter to grasp and the fact that the math department at columbia is disastrous at best did not help matters much. My saving grace in Calc I was having Julius Ross as my professor. He was always willing to offer his assistance outside of the classroom. After class, he was quite patient and meticulous in explaining that peculiar point in the lecture you didn't quite understand. Regardless of when his office hours were, you could easily walk into his office and ask for him to clarify that elusive homework or webwork problem, and he would drop whatever he was doing to come to your rescue. Several times, I have been in his office on the verge of an epiphany when another professor would walk in and ask him if he was ready to head to launch, and he would politely ask for a moment, as he continued to walk me through the process. So it comes as no suprise that I told any and everybody who was preparing to embark on that tortorous journey nicknamed calculus, if you are determined to put yourself through hell, you must have an angel like Julius Ross at your side. If ever I find myself forced to endure another semester of calculus I would only do so with Ross as my Professor. I was almost tempted to take calculus again despite my hellish experience, just to have Julius Ross as my professor for another semester. Calculus was one of my least favorite courses this semester, but Julius Ross was my favorite Professor this semester and I was willing and able to wake up at 8am every morning for calculus solely because of him. He is a fantastic teacher and a spectecular human being and though he is a new professor he will be the gem of the math department, matter of fact he already is.

Nov 2004

Very clear professor. In class he stops for questions and write everything clearly on the board. His test are curved very Well. He is on top of his material. He is overall a great professor.

Nov 2004

Ross was a pretty chill guy. His lectures are reasonably understandable and his cool British accent always keeps things interesting.

Nov 2004

A first year prof, you can tell immediately. Tries very hard to make basic calculus easy to understand (does a pretty good job at it, I think). Others might disagree as to his writing down every single word in english like we're in kindergarten. Sometimes that would be helpful though. I would recommend his class just because he can speak english very clearly (in britspeak!). Doesn't curve but that's because his tests are fairly doable. Very nice man if you ask him questions individually, in class he may be a little frazzled (ok, a lot frazzled). In any case Julius is pretty cool.