Giorgio di Giorgio

Jan 2004

giorgio di giorgio is one of the worst professors in the western hemisphere. his classes are boring to death but the good news is that none of the notes you will take are actually relevant to the course ....the TA's try their best but the book that is recommended is even more useless to the fact the only person who seems to know what is going to be on the exam is Giorgio and he makes it a point to keep it a secret. He made himself unavailable the week before the final and came to the final with less exams than there were students in the class which meant we had to sit in the final for like half an hour staring into space while the TA went to get copies. this course and professor are a DISASTER

Dec 2003

DiGiorgio's Money and Banking has been a universally disappointing experience. His lectures are disorganized and often irrelevent regarding material on the problem sets. He simply throws a number of pointless overheads on the projector, says a word or two of little cosequence, and moves on to the next random slide. Rarely was an actual model presented -- even less likely was an explanation of that model. Giorgio missed the 1st class and had a much better lecturer cover for 2 others, effectively only attending 80% of his classes. Class objectives were never clearly defined. The textbook was essential for anyone hoping to learn anything. The class has been a study in disorganization. It is apparent that the TA's and Giorgio never speak. A good portion of the beginning of each class (there wer only 15 mind you) was spent trying to get co-ordinated, or so it would seem. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for your Money and Banking professor.

Dec 2003

This class started slowly, just going over monetary statistics, but once we got into the theory of money and financial markets the class picked up. Giorgio is a good teacher, clear lecturer who provides numerous handouts (online) which explain the material well. The textbook is good, but not really revelent to the course. The course is fairly easy, with only 4 or 5 models that are rather simple. The curve seems generous and it's rather easy to get a good grade in this class.

Nov 2003

This class began with neither a syllabus nor a textbook. Prof di Giogio was arriving from Italy after the semester began. Although he's a decent teacher, with a cool and easy-to-understand accent, I haven't really learned anything from him. We had a substitute teacher one day and I learned a lot more from him in one session than I have from di Giorgio all semester. His handwriting is completely unintelligible. The TA's, despite beign really cool guys have already lost about 3 tests to date, and frequently send e-mails about the too-many-to-name typos in the problem sets, which aren't graded anyways.