Brenda Coughlin

Jan 2004

Creative, thoughtful and thought provoking teacher. She is a fair grader and wants students to succeed. You'll get what you deserve. She does not hesitate to give an A to someone who has earned it. It is a challenging course but with effort and her reliable office hours you are sure to succeed. She lectures at times but for the most part encourages class participation which is key to getting a good grade. And when she does lecture she makes sure to pause and make sure everyone is with her. I recommend this course even if you are not a sociology major.

Nov 2003

I was a bit cautious in taking this class with her because my past experience with graduate student taught classes had been shaky, but I'm glad I took the chance. She is one of the best instructors I've had, who remembers what it means to be a student. She's very organized and makes sure you know the work that you're supposed to be doing. Her selection of material is also excellent and the she makes sure you understand what you need to know, which makes this class a rarity in the Sociology department. If you're considering majoring in sociology, then take this class. But be warned, she's an exception to the rule.