Susan Kart

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jul 2004

Ms. Kart was an amazing teacher. She sparked an interest in art history that I never knew I had. She made eveyrthing interesting and was totally open-minded to all of the students' opinions and ideas. Ms. Kart also was totally laid back and understanding.

Dec 2003

exceptional. lectures were compelling and the discussions she led were also valuable. i learned a great deal in this class and it was a pleasure to attend. this is the best core class i have taken, and this is due entirely to her aptitude, knowledge, and kindness. i wish my other classes were as good.

Nov 2003

She is way cool, way easy, and way smart. She seems like she's not going to know that much because she is young and actually cool, but she includes lots of random references that let you know she really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.