Vered Maimon

Apr 2005

oh please. i remember this woman. she was my TA for second semester intro art history section. my success in the class had absolutely nothing to do with her; if it weren't for the mandatory section attendance rule, i would have gladly skipped the boring torture and saved myself some brain cells. take careful note of what she says, and make sure to barf it back to her in some form or another in the papers. as with most art history TA's, always remember just how much smarter she is than you. write precisely and clearly but don't swoop in with any brilliant insights of your own, because no one here wants that from an intro student. </bitterness>

Apr 2004

I would have to disagree with the last review, I think Vered is an excellent TA. She's extremely knowledgable, is great at faciliating discussion, and lectures better than some professors I've had. It's true that she is a little intimidating at first, but it turns out she's a very fair grader. Above all though, Vered really prepares you for the exams well and does a really, really helpful overview of the material right before the test. Sign up for this excellent section if you actually want to learn something.

Nov 2003

She is tough. Seems very intelligent and has potential to be a good TA, but she's on a bit of a power trip and likes to make you feel like you're four. Not the best thing. Overall, sign up for a different TA's section if you can.