Anatoly Pinsky

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2005

Great instructor. When I'm took Uni Writing with him, I hardly felt any stress at all. His comments on the essays are very helpful as well. But be warned, his grading is very stringent and stingy. So be prepared to work hard for your A if that's your aim. Otherwise, if you're thinking of improving your writing, I would most certainly recommend this class to all.

Apr 2005

Anatoly is an excellent option for U Writing. If you write well and think through your arguments, the class should not be a problem at all. The class basically consists of reading various articles and discussing them in class. You write the standard four essays, and two of your essays get workshopped in class (people read the essays at home and then give you comments in class). That's really all there is to it. Great guy, smart, no complaints whatsoever.

Jun 2004

Great aproachable guy. He really enjoys teaching this class, and the best way to get to know him is outof class. His greatest flaw is controlling cnversation in class, sometimes, my own fault included, conversation could easily get sidetraked. But for a UW teacher, and the horrors i have heard from my friends, Antoly is one of the few at the top of a short list of goo UW proffesors. Feel lucky if you get him

May 2004

The other review is essentially right, although understated. He's good. Very good. Probably the best U Writing teacher there is. He's approachable, fair, and insightful. If you see him on your schedule list, take him.

Nov 2003

Anatoly is most definitely a grad student--he comes in dressed in a sort of bomber jacket and jeans--but he does know his stuff. Really mellow, speaks sort of slowly, and has a slightly annoying habit of letting his voice drop towards the end of his sentences. But he will really push you to be a good writer if you take his suggestions. Extremely helpful and prompt, always returned papers very quickly. The main problem in this class was that we had some engineers who would complain in class about the fact that they have to take a writing class. Anatoly stuck with it and kept class discussions pretty focused despite the interruptions. Overall, a good teacher to have for your writing requirement.