Eileen Gillooly

Nov 2004

WATCH OUT. Yeah, she knows her stuff but she is not easy and is not entirely open to views other than hers on the texts. Yeah, you'll sit down in class as a freshman and be blown away by her breadth of knowledge, but then youll be blown away by her ridiculous midterm. I did well in the class - im not bitter - I just think there are better profs to seek out for this class.

Jan 2004

Not only is she unbelievably nice and seems to truly care about both the material and her students, she is an insightful and inspiring teacher. The grading is a little tough but her comments on papers are actually very useful. I learned more from her than in University Writing about how to write a paper.

Nov 2003

Gillooly is extremely knowledgeable about all the texts and can discuss basically anything at length with you. She's the director of the Core and she knows this course inside out. The only drawback to this is that she has a formula and doesn't want to deviate much from it. The class is sort of a scripted discussion. She also has a bad habit of favoring certain students and calling on them all the time. Her expectations are very high. Nevertheless, she is extremely nice and she has lots of office hours (6 a week--definitely go to them) so it's worth taking Lit Hum from her if you're lucky enough to get her.