Marc Miller

Apr 2004

On the first day of class, Marc declared, "I'm not your Jewish grandmother. If you like that kind of class, switch now." His class is about grammer, plain and simple, and it's easy to keep up if you pay attention. His frequent absences don't matter because you've plowed through all the neccessary material so quickly. Four credit class that meets once a week? Yes, please. He's got sharp Canadian humor and is available outside of class when you need him--what more can you ask from a professor?

Jan 2004

This is a fantastic class. Marc is extremely knowledgeable, but very engaging and fun to talk to. The class is pretty low pressure, and he's very willing to slow things down or see you outside of class if you need it. This class is good as an intro to yiddish, and it's equally good to take for one semester as a fun elective. You don't need any previous acquaintance with yiddish or hebrew, and a lot of the grammar is similar to english and french or spanish. You shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with the class and doing well, regardless of prior experience. Even though it's easy, you learn a lot of fun anecdotes about yiddish influence on english, as well as some interesting cultural facts. It's really a great class, and Marc is an excellent teacher.

Dec 2003

He's actually a decent teacher when we have class, which brings us to the major strike against him. I actually lost track of how many classes were cancelled. I think he was legitimate most of the time, but that can only excuse so many absenses.