Lawrence Hon

Dec 2005

Lawrence sucks. While the other TA just wrote out proofs for you (which isn't good for your erudition), Lawrence was the exact opposite. Even if you've worked on a proof for hours, he'll rarely give you any new insight to help you get going. "Have you tried some small examples?" or "Maybe you should look at it harder" are standard repertoire.

May 2005

very knowledgeable TA, i frequent his morning office hours - has an understandable way to solve every problem, and would even lead me into solving a problem if i had difficulty rather than only telling me the approach. the best part of it is he speaks english.

Dec 2003

Lawrence Hon is the most helpful TA in the math department. I had a problem with my homework so I went to his office hours and his explanation was crystal clear. he even offered to help me via email and phone. I can count on him at any time because it seems as if he never sleeps. Anyway, go to his office hours. He is superb!!!!