Kathleen Kilroy-Marac

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jun 2005

This is the first Barnard class that Katie actually taught (instead of being the TA). Overall, I really enjoyed the class and what I learned. I wish Katie would have been a bit more assertive though when lecturing so as to prevent people who just like to hear the sound of their own voice from running away with the discussions. The material is dense and overwhelming at times, but Katie is empathetic and very approachable if you are struggling. I was quite bothered by the fact that many of us thought we would get higher grades than we did. It seemed like most of my friends and I all got B's. Katie did offer two extra credit opportunities which helped to offset a bad mark or two on the weekly papers, which happened to a few people. I didn't enjoy the group papers as it's hard to do the readings, get together with someone, and write a joint paper all in 5 days. For this being one of her first times teaching, I still enjoyed the class.

Jan 2004

Katie is the best TA I have had at Columbia. I am a senior and have had the whole range (ones who don't speak a word that makes any sense because they are so caught up in trying to sound smart at and ones that are too stupid to live). Katie was articulate, funny, smart as hell, and a great complement to a really great professor (Prof Paige West).

Dec 2003

GREAT TA. Great. Smart and Cool. Choose her section if you can.

Dec 2003

Katie is a great T.A. Her discussion sections are really helpful in terms of making clearer the readings and class lectures, and she makes herself very available to help all the students. She goes slightly off topic sometimes, but her tangents are usually more interesting than the material we're supposed to be covering.