Aristides Falcon-Paradi

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2006

Prof.Falcon is the best! He is a funny, interesting, and overall amazing man. His classes are not only enjoyable, but he really knows his stuff. If you have the chance to take a class with this professor, do not let it go!

Apr 2005

Hands down one of the best professors Ive had at Columbia. Take this class if you can.

Nov 2004

You'd have to be a total shmuck not to enjoy this class, even 7:40 - 8:55 pm three nights a week. It's my favorite this semester. Aristedes (ok, you have to call him Profesor, but you can address him in the informal 'tú') is adorable, amiable, and funny. He'll do everything he can to make sure you understand the grammar if you give any indication that you're lost. There's almost no English after the first few days, which is totally the best way to learn a new language, though you can ask a question in English if you have to. Take elementary spanish with him!!!

Jan 2004

Prof. Aristides Falcon-Paradi is an absolute treasure. I highly recommend this class. The instructor's charm and enthusiasm are remarkable.

Jan 2004

Prof. Paradi is an awesome professor. He works with each student to make sure they fully understand the material to the best of there ability. Contrary to other Professors in the dept. who are extremely impatient with those students who have not taken languages before, Prof. Paradi realizes this and will work with you. I hope I can take another class with Prof. Paradi before I finish my language requirement. Take him if you can!!!!

Dec 2003

You will learn little because he thinks we all speak spanish fluently already. If he slowed down he would be really good. As a person, and a grader , he is a really awsome person. but you will pay in the long run when you get to spanish two.

Dec 2003

Professor Falcon-Paradi was AMAZING. Although the class was horribly situated (M/T/R 7:40-8:55!!!!) I was never bored in class. He works hard to get to know his students, and always makes jokes. Although there was a lighthearted air in the classroom, learning wasn't inhibited. He really made sure we understood the material through conversing with him and with other students during the good majority of the class to help practice what we had just learned. Overall, GREAT professor!!