Andrew Cross

Apr 2004

Professor Cross clearly knows Kierkegaard and his lectures are complete, detailed, and full of thematic understanding. He gives good introductions and then plows into the texts to find out exactly where things are stated and presented. His biggest problem is that he cannot schedule his lectures appropriately. He spent far too much time on one text (2/3 of the semester) and ended up boring the whole class to death before moving on. He needs to focus on a few main points (very difficult in Kierkegaard yes, but not impossible) and follow a syllabus (no, he didn't give us one). Also, he was extremely tardy returning midterm essays. He didn't return them until the final class of the semester, which of course is too late to pass/fail or drop a class. Overall I recommend him and hope he gets better about scheduling himself

Jan 2004

awful. first of all - he has the creepiest laugh that comes at the most random times. he sounds like a demented clown. his teaching, well, let's just say that the course i took was supposed to be an introduction to philosophy, and he expected you to either know or understand a lot more than someone taking an introductory class would know. he argues with you when you ask questions, and was thought of as an arbitrary and excessively harsh grader by most of the class.

Jan 2004

this guy is creepy. I was upset about the grading, which was unduly harsh and surprising considering what a nice-ish quirky guy he comes off as.

Dec 2003

Professor Cross is a very nice teacher! I love him! He is a great man who will really liven up an otherwise BORING subject. He's one of those teachers who can provide the right amount of anecdotes with actual work, and he makes time for students who need extra help. He is one of those few people who genuinely cares about the well-being of his students. He's the type of person who can give you a bad grade and you will understand why and truly want to better yourself in the class.... Speaking of which, the class itself is boring as hell! I thought that philosophy would entail more debate and less boring, old guys writing texts, redefining words that you would normally undersatnd to fit their pompous views of the World and life and all that jazz. But, hey, if that's your thing, do what you do!