Jason Galie

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2004

I really disagree with the last review. I had Jason for two terms and he is a great teacher. He doesn't put up with whiny crap, he (unlike many other grad students) really cares about whether or not you do your work, and he is very organized and put-together. He is always available and willing to help after class. He will make it so the work isn't overwhelming, and if you go to class, there is no way you will be unprepared for the tests.

Apr 2004

Very mediocre teacher. Sarcastic yes, but not in a funny or helpful way. When students get things wrong, he asks them why they got it wrong - without explaining what is wrong about it. Not good at explaining patterns in the language, or in figuring out what a student is misunderstanding and altering his explanations accordingly. Basically, he doesn't listen. The textbook also sucks, but that's not his fault.

Dec 2003

YAY I love Jason! He's my favorite TA ever. He does give a lot of work, but our class was much better at Russian than the other sections by the end of the semester, but it was worth it. He's very understanding about homework if you talk to him 1-1. He's a cool guy and very funny (sarcastic type. No crybabies allowed). Basically, he's awesome. :D