Jason Earle

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2012

Jason is a great professor! He's really nice, approachable, and funny. The pace of the class was perfect and he always made sure that everyone understood the material before moving on. The class consisted of regular grammar lessons and readings from well-known French authors (Baudelaire, Guy de Maupissant, etc.). He also adds in personal experiences and stories to the classes which were always humorous and interesting. Grading was definitely fair and the quizzes and exams were easy. If you have a choice, you should definitely take French with Jason!

Dec 2006

Jason Earle is a great teacher! He explains things really well, keeps class relatively interesting, and in general is a really nice and cool person. He is able to make some complicated grammar rules quite simple and he gives very helpful comments on papers. I would definitely recommend taking this class with him - it will really help your French skills.

Oct 2006

Nikos has an exceptional knowledge of mathematics, and he articulates difficult concepts lucidly and with ease. He was always willing and able to clarify any material, and he oftentimes showed me how to construct elaborate proofs in a complete and correct manner. He truly has the hallmarks of a great professor.

May 2006

Jason is a great teacher. He structures the class into themes by week and each week, one person does a news presentation and another person does an interesting subject presentation. Bi-weekly vocab quizzes that are easy if you look over the words. He really tries to make the class enjoyable and engages in conversation with everyone.

Sep 2004

Jason is a phenomenal teacher. His personality attracts participation and he has no problem making fun of himself. You'll want to learn French so one day you can aspire to hang out with this Texas native in a Parisian cafe. Get into this section if you can- you won't regret it.

Dec 2003

Quite simply a perfect language teacher. Makes French fun and interesting and you learn quickly and well.