Jeffrey Lependorf

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2005

Professor Lependorf was wonderful. I always left his class enthusiastic and totally relaxed. His energy and love of music get you excited about music you'd never listen to on your own. I thank him for a wonderful class

Jan 2005

Professor Lependorf is great. He really knows music, and really loves teaching. He has a great sense of humor, and opens your ears to things you never knew existed. He is certainly worth taking.

Jul 2004

Can't say enough good things about Prof. Lependorf. A class that I was not looking forward taking turned out to be a true joy. If you have the opportunity to take his class, do not hesitate a moment.

Jan 2004

A truly fantastic teacher, and an intelligent man to boot. If he doesn't inspire you to fall in love with the major classical works, I don't know what else will. You will leave the class proficient in the basic lexicon of classical music, relaxed enough to prep for your other finals, and, if you allow yourself, as a more intelligent and enlightened person.

Dec 2003

Thank God I took MusicHum with Professor Lependorf. First, it's obvious he loves music and knows so much about it... his passion was just overflowing and that made his lectures cool. In terms of accessibility, he was ALWAYS available via email to have questions answered. I was terrified of this class (I'm not into the math behind the music, so some of the concepts were really just impossibly hard for me) and Professor Lependorf was very accomodating in terms of helping me figure out stuff. Can't say enough good things.