Shelley Burtt

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2004

Prof. Burtt is AMAZING - best Prof. I've had at Columbia. She's actually a real prof (she was at yale for 10 years before coming to columbia). You'll actually be motivated to do the reading so you can participate in class. She gives a good range of paper topics and acutally cares about her students writing progress and is very encouraging. Extremely approachable and helpful w/ constructive feedback. (she gives great recommendations too :)

Oct 2004

After a dismal first semester of CC, I was thrilled to be switching into Professor Burtt's class for the Spring upon the recommendation of the Core Director. Prof Burtt was excellent. She has a philosophy background and used to teach Directed Studies at Yale, which is somewhat similar to the Core. This means she knows her stuff and doesn't spend time BSing like my first professor did. Besides having an impressive command of the material, she enthusiastically approaches grading papers with the intent of making students better writers. I once received a paper back with comments in black, red, and pencil, meaning she had gone through it thoroughly 3 separate times. To top it all off, she's a kind woman who seems to care about students' well being. If you're with a bad teacher, do your best to switch into Prof Burtt's class.

Dec 2003

Old Shell-Bell has her ups and downs. She is very kind, and when she is on task she comes through as a brilliant professor. Her kindness factors in when it comes to understanding difficulties in handing in papers and such. You fall asleep in class, she says "You kids don't get enough sleep." Sometimes our class lagged, but maybe that was more due to students not quite chomping at the bit to dive into the texts. When things do get cooking, she leads a decent enough discussion, usually spending half of the class period lecturing to learn you the main ideas of each book and the other half seeing what you thought. Her main interest is political philosophy, but you can draw her into the other themes of the texts easily enough simply by showing enthusiasm. You could ask for more from a CC professor, but she certainly beats a lot of the bums they have out there in that she's very nice, smart, and open to hear students' ideas. PS When I took her class, she taught the reverse section. Since there's only two of them, if you have a real hunkering for Shelley you've got a good fifty percent chance of landing her out of the blue in the backways CC semester.