Samuel Kim

Dec 2004

Prof. Kim is an old school teacher. He lectures at great length and tells first hand stories about the history of Korea. It's quite remarkable what he knows and what he has seen firsthand. There are few people in the world more expert on the topic than he is. He's fluent in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English, and has read sources in all of those languages. Some people may find his style of lecturing at great length boring or tedious, but I found it very interesting. You hear the same things a few times, but they're important things to hear.

Dec 2003

Professor Kim is not primarily a teacher, he is mostly a writer( indicated by the fact that almost every book or article you read in the class is written by him). His lectures can go a bit of course but when he is on target he is incredibly interesting and knowledgeable. The class is half graduate students who hang on Kim's every word and CC students who don't care as much. He takes attendance but it doesn't seem to affect your grade. The midterm and final are not difficult, just do the articles and remember as many acronyms as you can. Unless you are interested in taking a class on North and South Korea's foreign relations don't take this class.

Dec 2003

"The two Koreas are important players, maybe I should take a course about Korean Foreign Relations." Well, my friend, this is not that course. You will learn little to nill and feel more confused by this prof's teaching than when you begin the semester. He will speak of many things unrelated to the books--which he has the freedom to do since he wrote them (oh yes and read them you will for being a sinner)--and he will repeat basic concepts over and over and then test you on concepts he never talks about..