David Macklovitch

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

May 2011

I really liked how he forced everyone in the class to participate by calling on people at random; knowing that paying attention and participating was an absolute necessity in the class kept me involved, engaged, and prepared for class at all times. He frequently used humor and his considerable knowledge of language and grammar to enhance the teaching of the material in the book. He was also consistently available during office hours despite what we all knew to be a busy schedule and promptly replied to emails, albeit a bit tersely. Participation is definitely a big part of this class. If you don't like speaking up or being faced with occasional interrogative questioning, don't take it.

Apr 2011

Professor Macklovitch is not a very nice person. He has a very too cool for school attitude that is really annoying to deal with. When you ask a question that he thinks is stupid he tells you it's stupid and then sort of half-heartedly gives an answer and if you still don't understand he just sort of stands there and says something like i don't know what else to say. Where his real strength lies is with reading french literature, you can tell he really loves it. Unfortuantely the class is about 80% grammar and 20% literature. I decided to take his class becuase he got some amazing reviews here but they almost all ended with, "he's so hot so i might be biased". So if you want a hot professor take him, but if you want to feel like your professor cares about teaching you, or cares about anything besides his very tight pants find someone else.

Jan 2009

Hands down the best teacher I've ever had. Probably in my life. He related the material very well. My entire knowledge of French lit and modern history is thanks to him.

Aug 2008

French Elementary II was an incredible and eye opening experience into the rich world of France. I am now an avid Francophile and now am inspired to read every single piece of literature ever written in the French language. I only say this because Dave is hot.

May 2006

David is literally the coolest, hipest dude I have ever met. Anyway, the class was pretty good, although he does randomly call on people, so you have to do the work. He's a pretty good teacher though.

Dec 2004

I don't have much to add to David's other reviews, except to stress his capability to teach Columbians a thing or two about how to dress. I'd show up for every class just to see what shoes (always bangin') he was wearing. Yes, he wears YSL, but he's got the Francophone chops to make it work. Engaging he is, f'real. David brings out the conversationalist in each person. Oh, and he's smoother than any person on the planet, so don't think you can hide in the back. He also catches the nuances of pronunciation, but always corrects without making one feel stupid. My only complaint: he's too nice to cut off presentations that run way over the 5- or 10-minute limit.

Nov 2004

David is young, energetic, knowledgable, and unbearably hip. He obviously loves to teach and loves engaging every student, and since its a conversation class, you HAVE to participate. Even if you show up at his class hung over, with two midterms looming over your head, and you just found out that your significant other cheated on you with your best friend, it would be near impossible not to crack a smile during his class. He loves to be the actor and bring humor to every discussion. Oh yeah, and there will inevitably be a gaggle of girls in the class swooning over his tousled hair and French charm. No one else but David could pull off a crushed blue velvet jacket with YSL jeans and pink sneakers.

Sep 2004

daveed was the best teacher! i had him for both elem 1 and 2 and her really challenged his students but helped them out. although we had to meet 5 days a week he made it entertaining. he is canadian and he is a native french speaker so he is also very familiar with the culture. if he ever noticed you struggling he would do anything to try and help you and was very available to meet outside of class. anyway, he was the best teacher ive ever had and i want him to teach me french for the rest of my life

Dec 2003

I'll admit when I first saw this man I doubted his ability to teach. A man pushing on 25 and a peculiar fashion sense couldn't possibly teach a class full of near contemporaries, right? Wrong. I learned more French in 16 weeks with this man than I had in 3 years of French in high school. He is a great motivator, introducing new content each and every day. The pace of the class could be rather intimidating (study is a must every night), but taking a class with this man from Montreal was quite rewarding.